Rants and Thoughts

Hacking and Cheating

Do any of you play Call of Duty® online on the PlayStation®3? If you don't, here's what it's like for honest people who don't cheat or hack their game: No matter where you hide or camp out, a hacking enemy can find you. No matter how many bullets you plug into a hacking enemy, they won't die. No matter how few bullets a hacking enemy shoots into you, you die. No matter what kind of tactical or lethal grenade you throw at a hacking enemy, they're unaffected. Now, sure it's just a game, but when you're trying to enjoy your time online, or relieve some stress from the real world, this completely backfires on you. You become stressed, angered, pissed, annoyed, enraged; you begin throwing your controllers at your cats, chucking your dogs across the room, screaming at your kids, beating your spouse or partner; you turn into a real-life psychopath instead of a virtual Call of Duty® madman. (Note: This may or may not actually happen as stated.) But, the point is, it's frustrating to play against hacking and cheating players online. And they can do it so easily just by altering their save-game file. And you know how easy it is for Sony® to fix this and prevent this from happening? VERY easy. And are they doing anything? Well, of course they are. They're IGNORING it. So what I'm trying to say is... Stop hacking and cheating while playing online! If you can't take a beating from a virtual enemy in a game, then go knit a hat to hide your tears, babies!

Race and Biology

We are all of the human race. Skin color isn't a race, it's biology. Ancestry determines nationality, not biology. Not everyone with a dark skin tone is from Africa. And if at least three generations have been born in America, they should be considered American, not African-American. Who knows, maybe they (or their ancestors) come from Jamaica. That's not in Africa, is it? And this heart (♥) is black. This heart () is white. I'm pretty sure the skin tones of humans are not black nor white. They are peach, olive, tan, brown, etc... All these colors. Black is a combination of all colors, and white is a lack there of. Skin is a single color. No more, no less. Get it? Got it. Good.


You have to pay to get married. You have to pay to get divorced. You have to pay to have a child. You have to pay to eat, sleep, and breathe. You have to pay to get an education. You have to pay to buy a car or a house, or groceries, or whatever else you want to buy—and this doesn't include the price of the actual item you want. You have to pay for every step of education, and you have to pay to apply to colleges. You have to pay to live in the United States. You have to pay to die. You have to pay to have a proper funeral. We don't ask to be born. But we have to pay for it for the rest of our lives, and even when we die. Thievery? I think so.