Writing Practices

Person Description

He's a tall, rather heavyset person. His hair, once blond in his childhood, is the color of bark on a tree, mixed with a few strands of grey here and there, and his hair line began receding the year he became both a husband and a father. His pale sky-blue eyes, placed above heavy, deep bags, have seen what true neglect and abandonment really is. Though he has fair skin, to prove his strong Dutch heritage, his arms are blackened to the trim of the short sleeves of his uniform shirt from years of rebuilding transmissions. He has strong legs, but weak knees, from standing on concrete for many hours in a day. He's the kind of man who puts up a strong, grumpy, and sarcastic front, but behind it is a heart and soul looking for love and acceptance. For those he cares deeply for, he'll do close to anything. But to those who don't know him, he's a grumpy scrooge.

Setting Description

Where ever you look, you'll see various shades of green. Dark is the soft moss covering the hard, dark grey rocks, all of various shapes and sizes. Light is the pigment of the few blades of grass that have thrived in the shady cover. Most of what covers the ground are brown needles, with spots of light brown dirt showing through. The numerous trees, with dark brown bark, hold many millions, perhaps billions, of fresh, dark needles that fill the air with a Christmas tree scent. Mixed with that is the earthly scent of the ground, and the musty scent of the moisture under the moss. Look up, and past the green, you'll see spots of light blue sky with rays of light shining through. In the distance, you can hear a gentle trickle as water flows through the ground in a bed, and hits against a few wet rocks as it drops from a slightly higher level. As the water hits the rock, a few drops splash its surroundings, creating a light, wet mist that makes the pine-scented air humid but cool.