Poetry for My Parents

Poems about my parents, family or life at home.



For my father

Chilling out in Connecticut
And though it's hot as hell
But spending time with Dad
Makes it worth the while

© July 20, 2010

Easy to See

For my parents

No matter what
I ever do
It's not enough
Ever for you
But I know
Deep down inside
I'm the reason
For your pride
Through it all,
I know you love me
Everything you do
Makes it easy to see

© April 10, 2011

Flutterbies and Scutterbotch Pies

For Pop-Pop

In flutterbies
And scutterbotch pies
Your memory will live
You've inspired us all
So we'll take your wisdom
Your scarcasm and humor
And every ounce of your love
With us each and every day
Your body may be gone
But you'll always be here
In each of our hearts

© June 26, 2013

How I Really Feel

For my parents

I was born to both of you
And I absolutely hate it
I wish you could choose
But sadly, impossible
Suffering my whole life
Because you're stupid
You don't know a thing
This is not your forte
You piss me off too much
It seems very intentional
Please... Just go away

That's what I feel outside

I was born to both of you
And I absolutely love it
I wouldn't change a thing
Even if I had the option
You're amazing people
Hilarious, adorable
You're the ones I want
When times get too bad
Please... Never leave me

That's how I really feel

© April 1, 2011

Je Vous Aime I Love You

For my parents

Vous, vous êtes là pour moi
Quand je suis dans le besoin
Vous savez que je vous aime
Peu importe ce que je dis
N'oubliez jamais cela
Je vous aime, toujours

You, you are there for me
When I'm in need
You know I love you
No matter what I say
Never forget this
I love you, always

© April 2, 2011

La Vie Chez Moi Life at Home

For my parents

Leaving in a couple months
Fighting every day here
Wanting to have relationships
Needing to change routines
Hoping to see improvement
Begging to enjoy the time left

© July 7, 2010

A Momentary Lapse in Maturity

For my mother

I don't really want to admit this
But I need you here with me
I know I'm an adult now, but
I'm sick, cold, and need a hug
I just wanna cuddle up with you
Sipping cups of hot chocolate
Watching a funny movie on TV
Chatting about little things in life
I feel like crying, because it's you
It's you I want here with me now

© April 4, 2011

My Gosh

For my parents

I hit rock-bottom
Actually let my parents see
I didn't think they'd care
But both were worried
She texts him, he calls me
I say I hate my parents
But my gosh, they're amazing
I never know how much,
Until I was at the bottom
And they actually cared
To pull me back up
My gosh...
I love them
And no matter what
I'll always be his little girl
And forever her babydoll

© April 14, 2011

Mother's Day

For my mother

This Sunday, all twenty-four hours of it, are for you
For only one reason, proven with everything you do:
You're amazing, loving, kind, caring; these are facts
So sit back, put your feet up, do not a thing, relax
Because you're always there for me when I'm in need
I'm here for you today, following this day's creed
Though one day can never repay, I give you this:
A poem written just for you, and a Mother's Day kiss

© April 11, 2011

My Family

For my parents

You can't choose your family
But maybe I don't want to
Yeah, I'm stuck with you
And you sure drive me crazy
With everything you ever do
But, you two, I love you
I think that's plain to see

© April 10, 2011

A Poem for Her

For my mother

Much as I yell at you,
      I really don't mean it
Obviously I must hate you,
      I actually love you
Maybe I take you for granted
      I'm sorry for it
Maybe I'm too rude to you
      I'm sorry for that, too
Yes, I love you, always
      And I'll need you forever

© April 10, 2011

Pour Maman For Mom

For my mother

Tu es
Ma mère
Et je l'aime

Je suis
Ta fille
Et tu l'aime

Je t'aime
Et tu le sais

Tu m'aimes
Et je le sais

You are
My mother
And I love it

I am
Your daughter
And you love it

I love you
And you know it

You love me
So much
And I know it

© April 4, 2011

Their Only One

For my parents

You never truly know how much you love someone
Until you've hit rock-bottom in depression
You feel like there's no place to go,
Even if you don't feel like ending it all
But there are two special people who,
Beyond everything, know exactly what to say
To make it all better, just like when
You're three and fall off your bike
Your dad, and his fatherly humor,
Make you laugh, distracting you while
Your mom, and her motherly instinct,
Bandage you up, making it all better
In college, life has thrown me off,
Off of its horrendous roller coaster
And the ones who pick me back off
Are, of course, the same two people
Helping me, fixing me, in the same way
I've never felt so loved by them before
Not like tonight. And know I realize
How much they truly love me, their only one

© April 14, 2011

Who You Are

For my parents



© April 2, 2011