Poems by McKayla

Poems written by one of the best friends ever, McKayla.

Everyday Life

Who wants to go to school?
          NOT ME!
Who wants to go to work?
          NOT ME!
Why is life filled with things that we
    Don't want to do?
Shouldn't life be about what
    I want to do?
Not according to everyone else.
Everyday life is boring.

© McKayla January 2012


Red sauce, white sauce,
And sometimes even yellow sauce.
Thin noodles, thick noodles,
Even very sticky noodles,
Yum, yum, yum!

© McKayla January 2012


It's a big word isn't it?
A strong word.
Yet we throw it around,
Like there is no weight to it at all.
Boys say: "I'll love you forever,"
But they're lying.
This word alone,
Causes so much pain,
So much heart-break.
How could we have let this happen?
And how do we stop it?
We can't.

© McKayla January 2012


Graduation…can it be?
Is it really so close?
So close that I can imagine
What it will be like?
It's a scary thought.
Moving away, living on my own.
How will I be able to have fun,
Without remembering the
Memories from past years.
Memories that flip through my mind,
Like a slide show.
How will I do it?

© McKayla January 2012


Dance across the stage,
Feel the beat of the music,
Coursing through your veins.

© McKayla January 2012

Last Man

Can you see me?
Can you hear me?
Can you feel me?
Why won't anyone talk to me?

Did I do something wrong?
I see her, standing there.
Why is she so sad?
She should be happy.
I'm here now.

It's like I'm the last man on earth,
And I'm just imagining it,
What my life used to be like.
I can't figure it out.

I look to her,
To ask her what's happening.
She looks at me, and said,
"Why did you leave me?"
I try to tell her that it didn't,
It's not my fault,
I'm right here.

Then I see my wedding band,
Curled in her hand.
That's when I realized.
I'm the one that's gone,
And everyone is missing me.

© McKayla January 2012


There once was a man, who was Irish,
Who was very, very foolish.
He baked a pie,
Threw it into the sky,
And it landed on man who it was Scottish.

© McKayla January 2012


Vortex of pain

© McKayla January 2012

Moving On

He was...
The soundtrack of my summer.
My first love.
He draws me in,
Then spits me back out,
With no care for my feelings.
He says he cares about no one,
But I know that it's true.
He cares about no one but himself.
Well, good riddance to him,
I have moved on.

© McKayla January 2012

Social Issue

Why am I the lucky one?
Why do I get daily meals,
A warm bed,
And a roof over my head?
Why are there not enough people
Who care in this world?
What can we do to help?
There are too many problems:
Illegal drugs,
Coursing through the streets
Of America.
Why am I the lucky one?

© McKayla January 2012