Mainstream Poetry

Poems not written from life experiences.



Because not everything we want
Is ever what we need
Because not everything we need
Is exactly what we want
Because fate and life is uncertain
It's easy to get lost
Because only death is permanent
It's hard to be safe

© April 4, 2011

Betrayed Friendship

Whenever I was in trouble, a hand you would lend.
You were always there; you were my one true friend.
I took for granted what you always did for me,
Though there's guilt, so strong, can't you see?
The one time you actually needed my aid,
I did not show, and a friendship I had betrayed.
I was selfish, I was cruel.
Thought I was just too cool.
Now there's no hand to lend;
Now there's no one true friend.

© 2005-2008

Come Now, Winter

Come now, winter, cool me down so I may
Unleash everything bottled inside,
Then hide behind a long-sleeved shirt

© October 2, 2013

A Confession

Take what you want
In your drunken stupor
I'll be there for you
Just like a trooper
I'm always here
All day and night
But with no care
You've taken flight
Don't pretend that
'We' don't exist
Open your eyes
Yes, I insist
Come back home
I need you here
I can't live now,
Sans you, I fear

© August 24, 2011


A ridiculous act,
The "emo" thing.
A fashion statement:
Wear scars as bling.
They say it relieves
Pain from within.
Use scissors, a knife,
A blade, or a pin.
If you just show it off,
You simply are fake.
If it makes you feel better,
Do it for your own sake.

© April 12, 2010


Do they mean a thing?
Running through our heads all day
Entering when we least expect
Answering questions, creating new ones
Must they be so confusing?
Surely, they must mean something

© November 2, 2012

False Map

Our emotions
Why are they so difficult
All mixed up, scrambled
Believe something, and you'll mess it all up
You'll make a false map of your thoughts
Make plans and go along with it all
Your mind will think it's all good
But your heart will beg to differ
It'll start confusing you, sending mixed messages
You'll begin to get lost, even with a map
Because the map you made is false
Created on a false interpretation
Can we do such a thing, in our own minds?
Of course we can, because of our emotions
They are so difficult, mixed up, scrambled
It's best to just forget they exist
If there's no mess to fight through
There's no need for the false map

© March 30, 2011


Everyone has a preference when it comes to how they show
How they feel, and whether or not they let others know.
Some will cry themselves to sleep each night,
And others will tell us they're alright.
There are those who show their emotions
Through their dangerous motions,
Spilling blood, breaking skin,
Thinking there's no way to win.
There are a million ways to show how you feel,
Some of which we wish just weren't real.

© 2009

Forgive and Forget

He took from her the one thing
She should have had complete control of
As if that trespass wasn't enough
He stole her heart, held it close
Even a knife couldn't make her
Forget how much she loves him
His force, assault, act of power
Tore her apart, broke her in half
And all she needs now is him
To put her back together forever
She hates what he did, but forgives
It's a sick, twisted feeling she has
She's in love with her aggressor
And she needs him in her life

© November 8, 2012

Fourth of July

The fourth of July
A glorious day
Hang that flag up
Show it with pride
We're Americans

© July 4, 2010


For the first time in her life, she felt free
The wind was blowing in her face
Her hair was following freely behind her
It felt to her as if she was flying
She was finally in control of her life
This was all her decision, alone
And now, no one could tell her no
No one could ruin it for her
She was purely, completely, free

Before this moment, she was scared
Could she actually do it? Should she?
This was the last thing she'd thought of
And perhaps it'd be the best thing ever
She thought of everything that led to this
She'd never been surer of anything, ever
She was used to doing dangerous things
But it seemed like the rush wasn't enough
Not for her, not any more

Just a second after this rush began
Her mind began working faster than ever
She began to rethink her decision
And in a more negative way now
Was this really what she wanted?
Would this solve everything?
Just seconds ago she felt sure of it
Now that it was too late, she regreted it
She closed her eyes, praying,
"Please, I'm not ready! Not yet!"
Then, praying turned to begging
Tears flew from her eyes
Staining her saddened face
But then she hit the ground
And it was too late

© October 18, 2010

A Goodbye

For Sammy

I see you crying
Please don't do that
Just hold my hand
Put your hand on my back
Don't look away
I need you here with me
I've had a good life
I have you to thank
Don't feel you've let me down
All living things have to die
Some of us aren't lucky
Not all have good lives
But I have, because of you
You gave me a place
In your home and in your heart
So shed the tears and sadness now
And live tomorrow happily
Don't forget me, though
Nor how you gave me the
Best life anything can have

© April 6, 2013

How Could You

What just happened? What did you do?
Didn't you love me, love yourself?
How could you let this happen?
What is the reason behind this?
Everything's upside down now...
But you don't even care.

What just happened? What did I do?
I knew I loved you, and myself.
How could I let this happen?
Why was it me who agreed?
Everything has changed forever,
But you don't even care.

What just happened? What's going on?
We were both in love, that is true.
How could we let this happen?
Where are these actions coming from?
We can't go back, not now.
But you don't even care.

What just happened? What did you do?
You loved me, I loved you.
How could you hold that blade?
Who made you a murderer?
I'm gone forever, away from you.
But, still, you don't even care.

© 2005-2008

I Love Him

He is everything I want, isn't he?
But every time he proves that he's perfect
I catch him with another girl
Can I ever win? Will I ever win?
I just don't think it's possible
Yet, I still love him

© June 15, 2010

It's Good to Wait

I watched all my friends throwing themselves at guys
They did it just to get a boyfriend so they weren't alone
I didn't do that, so I ended up left out, and lonely
But years later, at our high school reunion
Their love has either died, or only lasted on sex
And I, because I waited, arrive with the love of my life

© June 5, 2010

Jump Off a Cliff

For all the computer hackers

A week before she came back...
We got a virus on all the computers
It started on one, traveled the network
The very day I got my laptop back
The virus made its way to her
Life is just truly unfair, in more ways
Than we can ever anticipate
But I don't really blame this on life
The blame rests on the losers
That create viruses and adware
Simply to ruin others' lives
Those are the people that need
To simply just go jump off a cliff!

© August 4, 2010


A path, covered with mystery
Rumors of happiness, passion
Take small steps in, explore
Learn things, chart a map
Begin to get a hold of it all
Traversing the unknown
Becomes simpler than expected
The path through is stunning
Beautiful, exhilarating, exciting
You didn't expect it would be
This great and fulfilling, but
Still searching for the center
Roaming around it, but trying
Trying to get in, but something
Something seems off, wrong
Check your map a few times
But it appears to be cluttered
False, covered with tears
Realize, you've been charting
The wrong thing the entire time
In the mess, lost forever
No hope of escape, no hope
Of that rumored center, filled
With happiness and passion

© March 30, 2011

Lost Dream

Everyone has a dream,
Whether you follow it is up to you.
If you follow your dream,
Good things will come.
If you ignore your dream,
You will never know.
Does it become forever lost?
Or does it linger on?
Tearing at your soul, wishing to be free,
Or does it live peacefully in your heart?

© 2009

No One There

It was burning in her hands as she held it
But she couldn't turn back at this point
She dug it into her arm, let the pain go
Releasing blood, releasing tension, to her
In her mind, this was the only answer
She didn't realize there were other ways,
Healthier ways to deal with everything
She never had anyone there for her, ever
No one that would stay through the arguments
Someone who would take all the verbal abuse,
Who understood the insults were meant for herself
No friend to tell her it would get better
And as she opened herself to the world,
For the first time in her miserable life,
As she showed her true feeling she held inside
She took her last breath as the life poured out

© February 25, 2013

Right Now

A switch of a blade
Right now
I end it
Looking to be happy
Right now
I find it

© October 24, 2012


For my father

There's something therapeutic
About taking your anger out
On an unknown enemy soldier
As you aim through the scope
And press R1 to take the shot

© July 10, 2010


Sometimes, I just don't understand
But, underneath it all, I'm not sure
If we are truly meant to understand

© June 11, 2010

What a Difference

I turned my back from this place
So many years ago, left not a trace
I just upped and left, never to return
I couldn't deal with the never-ending race
There would be no winner in that game
No one wanted love, trust, only fame
I wanted more in life than just that
I knew when I left, I'd never be the same
When I left, my people were still there
I loved them, but not once did they care
They didn't realize what they were doing
I couldn't live like that, I just couldn't bare
Ten years later, I've come to check in
Wondering what has become of my kin
I thought they'd still be fighting
Didn't think someone would win
But it seems I was wrong, and I couldn't believe
Exactly what's become of this place since my leave
No one's survived, none of my people
Nothing's come out of it, nothing achieved
I walk all around, purely depressed
I see all the places that once gave me stress
I came from this place, yet I'm so different
From all the people that created this mess

© October 19, 2010

What Do We Feel

Why is it easier to hate someone?
Why can it be hard to hate someone?
Anyone can say, "I love you,"
Or even, "I hate you."
But do we really mean it?
How do we really feel?

© June 4, 2010

What Friends are For

Friends are the basis to a healthy life.
Without them, you are sure to fall apart.
With friends, you know who to call when...

You need advice about life.
Things get too tough for you to handle alone.
You are brought down lower than you thought possible.
There is no one left to turn to.
You know you cannot manage to stay out of trouble alone.
You need help with problems you cannot tell anyone.
There are secrets you have to share without the world knowing.
Your world is seemingly brought to an end.
You lost all self-control and need to be watched.
The world has turned its back on you.
Relationships go wrong.
You want to talk without being judged.
You are lonely and need to be with someone.
You're in need of a shoulder to cry on.
You need help with some work.
You have a request of any size.

There are millions of reasons why you need a friend,
But only one way to find one: be one.

© 2005-2008

Which Do You Choose

Lost in a sea of faces
So easy to get caught up
Stand out, be yourself
Or blend in, be unknown
Put yourself up for judgment
Or hide and be safe
If you choose the former
You'll be known forever
If lucky, in positive light
But too often in negative
If you choose the latter
You'll be lost forever
Which do you choose?
Be known and judged
Or lost and safe?

© November 8, 2012

Why Forever

Why did I do that?
What was wrong with me?
Why did I always act like this?
Is there any answer for my prayers?
Is there any solution to what I've done?
This is something I'll always regret doing.
This is something I'll never understand.
It'll haunt me for the rest of my life.
But it's over and done with.
But I can't take it back.
But it's permanent.

© September 27, 2010

Why That

Can you see me, hear me, through the haze?
I scream, call out to you, but you don't move.
I try to get closer to you, but I'm frozen,
My legs are glued to the ground, or my feet are nailed.
Can you see me, or is the darkness too much for you?
Why you went down that path, I will never know,
But though I try to save you, get you out of there,
You ignore me, like I'm not even there.
Can you hear me, or is the figure before me,
The figure that looks exactly like you,
Just a figment of my wishful imagination?
Can you see me, standing in front of you,
As you hold the key to mass destruction?
Can you hear me, as I cry your name, in attempt to,
For reasons beyond my knowledge, get you to realize?
I'd fall into that fatal haze for you, just to get you out,
But I know you'd never see me, or feel my touch.
I don't know if you realize this, but I'm here for you,
And if you were to ever snap out of this daze,
I'll still be there for you, begging you to follow me.
Even though you can't see me, I love being here with you.
It's ironic, how every second with you seems to, painfully,
Stab another toxic arrow into my heart, though I don't care.
Can you see me, hear me, trying to save you?
I'm trying to lead you back to reality, but you,
Blind in your darkness, your haze, your evil aura,
Won't acknowledge my existence, even as I beg, cry, scream.
"When will be my final attempt to get you out of there?"
I ask myself, though I don't know the answer.
Finally breaking free of my freeze, I throw myself at you,
But fall right through, almost as if you aren't there anymore.
What has happened to you, are you completely gone?
Or is it just my wishful, overactive imagination letting me,
Painfully, tearfully, depressingly, unfortunately,
See you, standing there, with your lethal weapon of choice?
You begin to fade away, backing up at the same time.
I suppose this is the last time I'll ever see you,
But you can't see me, hear me, feel me, and you don't care.
You don't notice you've added yourself to the list,
The long, endless list of victims, the list I'll avoid.
Can you see me, hear me, through the haze?
No, you can't, because you've finally taken it too far,
Gone the final distance, pushed too far, taken too much,
And I'll never see you again, unless my imagination,
That painful thing that plays with my poor, helpless mind,
Decides to show you again, killing yourself with the weapon,
Ignoring my cries, my screams, my begging, my pulling.
So, I suppose it's suffice to say, farewell, my friend,
But all I want to know, after I've always been there for you,
Is why, why you would choose such a thing, over me, your friend.

© 2009

A Word

A mysterious word, definitely
Painful, yet beautiful
We want to hear it said to us
But we hold it back from others
One little word, so much power
Unbelievable, what it can do
What it makes us do, want, say
It changes our thoughts, ourselves
Why does it have so much power?
So much control, influence on us
Who gave meaning to this word?
And why? What is the reason?

© March 30, 2011

Words and Letters

In just four letters,
So much can be said
In just three words,
He can mess with your head
With two words,
He'll get you in bed
With seven letters,
You'll want to be dead
Seven different letters,
Your hunger will be fed
Another two words,
All you'll see is red
But if you have just those three,
Together, happy, you'll both be

© March 30, 2011

You're Not the Favorite

Yes, you've told me, hun
Couldn't make yourself clearer
You call me worthless
Have you looked in the mirror?
You call me useless
Pot, I've the kettle on line two
You call me the bad child
No one can compare to you
You think you're the good one
Mom doesn't love you any more
You think you're the favorite
You mean nothing to the whore

© July 26, 2011