Fictional Biographies

Here are some fictional biographies I've made about fictional characters. Any similarities to real people or situations is completely coincidental and unintentional.

Nick Barnett

Nicholas James Barnett was born May 30, 1994 to a German father, Arnold, and a Native American mother, Brenda. Nick was born and raised in Clinton, Maine, and had a four-year-older brother, Timothy. Because Martin Oliver, Nick's maternal grandfather, lived an hour away in Heart Springs, the two were very close.

During his eighth grade year, his parents divorced, and his father moved back to Germany. Because of this and the fact that high school was so much larger and tougher than he originally realized, Nick got involved with the wrong crowds his freshman year. He started using drugs, which caused him to repeat ninth grade, and destroyed any relationship he had with his older brother. That summer, his grandfather died, and in his memory, Nick quit drugs. However, halfway through his sophomore year, Nick found he couldn't deal with living in his highly athletic brother's shadow, the loss of his grandfather, the absence of his father, and the lack of relationship with his older brother anymore, and took up drinking and smoking cigarettes. He occasionally went to parties, but for the most part just drank himself to sleep.

Brenda moved the family to Heart Springs the summer before Nick began his junior year in attempts to save him from the addictions he struggled with. She hoped that Heart Springs' calmer environment would be better for her son than the fast-paced city life of Clinton. Though Nick's alcoholism didn't go away with the change of scenery, it was at a party that he hooked up with Jenna Howard, the one who would change his life completely. On a night when Jenna attempted suicide, Nick was drunk, and in turn wasn't there to stop her from purposefully wrecking her truck. Because of this, Nick cut back on his drinking, realizing that his life would be nothing if he ever lost Jenna.

After high school, Nick went to Central Maine Community College with Jenna, and received his associate's degree in Automotive Technology. The two then moved to Clinton where Nick worked as a mechanic at his own garage. Though it wasn't as bad as it was in high school, Nick's drinking picked up again.

When he was thirty, he was pressured by his mother and Jenna's older brother to propose to Jenna. A few months later, Jenna's mother and sister-in-law threw a lavish wedding. A couple years after that, Jenna gave birth to Katrina Rose Barnett. When Katrina was born, Nick gave up alcohol completely, realizing that he was then fully responsible for another human being's life.

Nick died at seventy-four with heart and liver complications.

Timothy Barnett

Timothy Martin Barnett was born March 18, 1990 to Arnold and Brenda. Growing up, he never had much of a relationship with the grandfather he lived so close to, but he was constantly in contact with his German grandfather, Hans, who spoke no English. Because he felt that Nick was favored more, Timothy wasn't ever that close to his younger brother.

In high school, Timothy was captain of the baseball team and starting quarterback on the football team. Though he never had any girlfriends, he was quite popular with the girls. During his senior year, his parents divorced. Because he wanted to stay home and take care of his heartbroken mother, Timothy almost declined the acceptance he received from the University of Vermont. His mother convinced him that college was far too important, and that she would have Nick and her father there for her. When his father moved to Germany, Timothy kept in touch with him and visited often.

During his first semester at UVM, he met Danielle Owens, who would become his first official girlfriend. When he found out his brother was using drugs, Timothy began to hate Nick. During his junior year of college, Timothy proposed to Danielle, and she accepted. A couple months later, he found out she had been cheating on him with an ex-boyfriend from her hometown for the last year, and he broke the engagement.

While home for winter break his last year of college, he met Camila Silverman, a woman who would forever ruin his life. They ran into each other at a Vermont McDonald's on his way home from college, and he was instantly intrigued by her. She was a dangerous woman, but he almost fell in love with her. A few weeks later, they ran into each other in Clinton, and they spent a night together. This continued until he graduated college with a bachelor's degree in Physical Education, and a minor in the German language. Timothy then moved to Germany and taught physical education at a school in Berlin, where his father and grandfather lived.

Though Timothy had a few nights with random women, he never fell in love, never married, and never had children. He kept in touch with his mother, whom he visited often, but didn't stay in touch with his brother. He died at ninety-six in a nursing home.

Jenna Howard

Jennifer Christine Howard was born January 12, 1994 to an American doctor, Melissa, and a Native American businessman, Douglas. Until she was ten, Jenna lived with her mother, father, and brother, Jackson, born two years before her, in the state of Washington. Douglas was then killed in a car accident, and Melissa moved the three of them to the small town Heart Springs, Maine. They lived with Jenna and Jackson's paternal grandfather, Ohio.

Almost immediately, Jenna became best friends with Allie Larson, who was two years younger. While at a party during her senior year in high school, she hooked up with Nick Barnett, a junior but the same age, and fell in love with him almost instantly. When Allie started dating Mark Rodriguez, a guy that both Jenna and Nick absolutely detested, a few months later, the girls went through some friendship problems, which caused Jenna's somewhat unstable mind to go through severe depression. She nearly committed suicide, purposefully speeding and running her truck off a windy back road. She recovered, both physically and mentally, but her friendship with Allie would never be as strong.

After high school, Jenna took a year off of schooling and worked as a sales associate at an electronics store. Jenna started college with Nick after he graduated, and received her associate's in Criminal Justice from Central Maine Community College. After college, she and Nick moved to the bustling city of Clinton, Maine, where Jenna worked as a mall security guard. Her brother, a successful psychologist, criticized her for "not amounting to much", but her only dream was to spend the rest of her life with Nick.

It isn't until they turned thirty that Nick and Jenna were pressured by Nick's mother, Jackson, and his wife Jessie, to finally get engaged and married. Despite Nick's wishes, Allie attended the wedding, but Mark, by this time her husband, didn't. Jenna and Nick had their first and only child at thirty-two, a little girl named Katrina Rose Barnett. Nick never knew, but Jenna, in attempts to emotionally stay connected to the best friend she barely talked to anymore, gave Katrina the same middle name as Allie.

Jenna died two years after Nick at age seventy-six after losing the will to live without him.