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Favorite Songs

Some of my favorite songs based on their lyrics. Hover over any to see why I love it.

Black Eyed Peas Bratz Rock Angelz Breaking Benjamin Dido Evanescence The Fray Good Charlotte Gotye Linkin Park Matisyahu Pink Floyd Plumb Rise Against Skillet Third Eye Blind The Verve Pipe

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Best Friends

These are the three people in my life that mean the most to me. These three people, listed in the order that I met them, have helped me through some of the darkest times in my life. Of course, there have been others that have pulled me away from the dark abyss of insanity, but these three below are the people who have stuck with me through everything. I would do absolutely anything for these three people in an instant. These three people are my absolute best friends, and I will do anything in my power to keep them in my life until I die. I won't let our friendships just fade away. I will fight for the memories we have, and I will put every effort into staying close to them.

McKayla: My Spork

I've been friends with McKayla the longest. We met on the bus, and though at first she tortured me, we somehow became best friends. She has been there for me so much during high school, especially after school. When I would try to be anti-social and sit at home alone, she would just invite herself over and make sure I had company. Her crazy, up-beat attitude is definitely gotten me through some bad times, and it's made me really appreciate having her as a friend. Even now, college wouldn't be so easy if it weren't for our phone calls and Skype dates (even though we've only had a few). We've been friends for about six years, and I know there's many more years to come. I don't even know how we became friends. It was just waiting for the bus in the cold, heat, pouring rain, and sunshine that gave us the opportunity to really bond. Through some miracle, it turned into a friendship that I will forever cherish.

If you haven't already, you should check out her poetry. They are some of the best poems I've ever read.

Sammy: My Spade

I've been friends with Sammy the second longest, but that really doesn't mean anything to the degree of our friendship. Sammy is just downright amazing. The quirky things she comes up with, her random spazz moments, her sarcastic sense of humor; these are just some of the things that I love about this girl. No matter how I'm feeling, talking to her always makes me feel better. Our bonding over our love of anime and whatnot is something I'll never share with anyone but her. Whether or not she realizes this, she's actually inspired me to keep writing on more than one occasion. Regardless of what we've been through, her and I have built a friendship that I know will last for a very long time. It's been five years so far, but I know this is a small amount of time in comparison to how long our friendship will last. Choosing to suffer through Lain in eighth grade forced me to take French, which I had wanted to take instead of Latin, in ninth grade. It was in that French class, though, that I met Sammy. That soon became the beginning of a friendship that I would be nothing without.

Jess: My Bestest Buddy

Maybe we've only been close friends for about seven months, but somehow, Jess has become a very important part of my life. Of everything I knew and loved about my last college, I definitely, hands down, miss her the most. While all the drunks in our apartment building were partying and forgetting their weekends, Jess and I were having Minecraft and Sims parties of our own, occasionally taking time out to wander Walmart, visit the Dollar Tree, or sample McDonalds' delicacies. Jess has done so much for me, so much that I didn't deserve. Messing up my first semester of college really ended up being one of the best things I've ever done, because it allowed me to stay that fifth semester and get closer to one of the absolute best friends I have ever met in my entire life.

If you like photography, or want to see some amazingly fantastical photos, you should head to J.L. Photography's Facebook page! Yes, those are Jess's photos. And they're amazing!

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Favorite Poems

Here are some poems that I've read in my life that I happen to love. Go read them; they're just amazing.

E. E. Cummings
Emily Dickinson
Robert Frost
Sylvia Plath
  • Mirror

Jennifer Reeser
  • The Neighborhood

Charles Hanson Towne

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