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If you've found something wrong and would like to report it to me, provide feedback on a story or poem, have something you'd like to see on the site, or have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact me! Shoot an email, send a AIM instant message, or use the form to the right! But please, no spam or hate mail. If you have constructive criticism, I welcome it. It helps me improve as a creative person. But if you're just going to say, "Wow, you suck, go die somewhere," please refrain.


About this Website


Why do I have a website? I'm not a famous writer or anything. Web design/programming isn't my major, or even my minor. Why spend money for my own domain name and hosting space? I could just use FreeWebs for a website, or use Blogger for a blog, or just post my stories and poetry to FictionPress.Net, or just put my pictures on Facebook, Myspace, or something. I actually do use some of thos websites. But, because designing websites is really fun and I love it, I have a website.

When? Where? How?

LizzyLee.net has been up since December 25, 2007. I received the domain and hosting space as a Christmas present, after explaining to my parents that I really wanted my own website. I had been using Freewebs for years before that, and was ready to take the next step. For a while, LizzyLee.net was just made by the simple Website Tonight provided by GoDaddy.com. (That's also where the domain is registered.) But after a while, I was ready for even more. I switched to a hosting account, and used Serif WebPlus 10 to create the website. I quickly upgraded to WebPlus X2. Now, I am using Dreamweaver to create my own layout, coded by hand. As powerful and creative as WebPlus is, it's not ideal for someone who actually knows how to code HTML and CSS. It's more a visual thing for people who don't know how to code. Thus, it's very hindering. (You can't even really edit the code of the pages it creates.) So, that is how LizzyLee.net got to where it is now. I feel like it's matured through the years as I have. We've grown together for the past five years. I'm extremely proud of it, and eternally grateful to my parents for allowing me this opportunity to grow as a web designer.

About Moi (Lizzy Lee)

I'm twenty years old, and full of contradictions. I'm crazy and reserved, loud and quiet, smart but stupid, happy and sad, easy-going and short-tempered. I'm a mix of a lot of different things into one individual.

I'm a graduate of Cooperstown High School, and Herkimer County Community College. So far, I have an Associates in Arts: Liberal Arts & Sciences. Right now, I'm a full-time student at Purchase College, majoring in Creative Writing with a plan to minor in French. I write a lot, but more poetry than short stories. I would like to write more stories, and maybe even pump out a novel, but I just can't find the ambition. This is something I really need to work on. But, as a writing major, I'll be forced to write more. So, expect to see some stuff I've written from classes.

A Note About My Writing

I know my poetry, and maybe one or two of my short stories, are a bit concerning and alarming simply because of their topics, but please keep in mind I do not need to be hospitalized! Many people read my poems and look at me differently because of it; this is not necessary, because I am perfectly fine. I appreciate it if you don't judge me based on my writing. Thanks!

Also, I've shared some of my personal opinions on this site. Please do not bash me for my thoughts! I have opinions, and they will probably differ from yours, but this is no reason to harass me for them. If you wish to give me your opinion, you may, but don't just harass me via comments. I trust you, though perhaps foolishly... Again, thanks!