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To my home on the web to showcase what matters most to me. Photos, poems, short stories, and other graphics. I've worked hard on this website for the past five years. I'm happy of what has become of it. Take a look around at what is to be found, or check out one of the featured items on the left.

This website is best viewed in Google Chrome or Safari, on an actual computer. Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox don't display things the right way! (So if images are missing or things are unreadable, and you're not using Chrome or Safari, don't complain! I've tried coding for Internet Explorer and Firefox, but even after it all, many things just don't work!) And, I have not coded this for tablets/smartphones (yet).

News & Updates

November 4, 2013

I know it's been a while (as my aunt pointed out to me), but I have new stuff up! I've been writing a lot for classes (I'm taking two writing classes), so I have a lot of content. I'm not going to post the stories, since they need a lot of work and it'll take a while to format them for being posted. (And this is only a quick update.) But I have some poems that I want to share with you! Two (Never Had a Chance and Nothing is a Mistake) are ghazals, an ancient poetic form from Persia. The rest are just free verse: Flutterbies and Scutterbotch Pies (which would have been longer but I couldn't do it), What Happened, Move On, True for Me, True Love, Come Now, Winter, and Pride or Desire.

August 6, 2013

I have been busy coding and designing websites, but unfortunately, not this one! One of my best friends, my Bestest Buddy, requested a website for her photography. So, I've been working on different looks for that. Also, my dad's sort of started a candlery, so he recruited me to make a site for that. Park Avenue Candlery, check it out! I honestly am quite impressed, especially with the images!

I've also gotten a great idea to better sort the Photos page, and I'm still currently working on it. (I tried working on it last week, but looking at pictures of my puppy made me too sad to work.) But, it's coming! Also, I've added a contact form on the Information page. I coded this form for the candle site, but I figured since it works so nicely (and I even coded up a small way to cut down on spam) I'll put it on my own website! (Yes, I did code quite a bit of that form by hand, even though it's PHP. I impressed myself :P)

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